CJ can't understand how his grandma "finds beautiful" wherever she looks, until he opens his eyes and his heart. Sally Cassano reads "Last Stop on Market Street," by Matt de la Peña.

In "Music, Music for Everyone," by Vera B. Williams, Rosa's grandma is sick and must stay upstairs in bed. After school, Rosa and her friends play music for Grandma. She says their playing makes her feel like a girl again, dancing at a party. And that is the beginning of Rosa's wonderful idea.

Sally Cassano reads "Princess Smartypants" by Babette Cole and "The Napping House" by Audrey Wood.


Princess Smartypants doesn't want to get married, she'd rather live with her pets. When commanded to find a husband, she uses all her wits to outsmart her suitors.


In the napping house is a cozy bed piled high with a snoring granny, a dreaming child, a dozing dog, a snoozing cat and a slumbering mouse. All is at peace until the appearance of an unexpected visitor, and before you know it no one is sleeping.

Megan Weston, Jen Luten, Forrest Cohn, Scott Davis, Jill Davis, Jenny Neyman and Noah Procter share True Tales, Told Live on the theme "Risky rusiness — tales of taking the leap." Recorded Nov. 16 at Odie's Deli in Soldotna.

The next True Tales event is Feb. 1 on the theme, "Sibling rivalry — the ties that bind and blindside. Want to tell a story? Contact organizers through True Tales, Told Live on Facebook, or contact Jenny at jneyman@kdll.org or 907-283-8433.

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