Elizabeth Earl / KDLL

About three hundred people lined the Sterling Highway on Saturday afternoon, peacefully protesting police brutality. But peacefully doesn’t mean quietly—the crowd loudly chanted "Black lives matter!" and cheered when people spoke on the stage in the park.

Jenny Neyman/KDLL

Close to 100, rainbow-bedecked people walked from the Soldotna Regional Sports Complex to Soldotna Creek Park Saturday afternoon as part of the Two Spirits Pride March and Celebration.

This is the second year for the event, held to raise awareness of and support for the area’s LGBTQ community. This year’s turnout was nearly double last year, and included LGBTQ people and allies. Meredith Harber, the pastor at Christ Lutheran Church in Soldotna, marched carrying a sign saying, “This pastor believes you are a beloved child of God.”

“I come because I’m an ally and I believe that all people deserve love and acceptance for who they are. I think it’s important because, especially in a small community, it allows support and love to be shown to people that sometimes feel like you need to hide. And so this is a great public expression of an accepting place for all people in our community,” Harber said.