Sean Dusek

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

  Monday night was the final board meeting for Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Superintendent Sean Dusek. He took a few minutes to thank his wife and kids, as well as the district staff.

Residents from the far corners of the Kenai Peninsula once again filled the Betty J. Glick Assembly Chambers last night during the school board meeting, making impassioned pleas to keep their schools open.

School closures are one of the items on the table due to budget woes at both the borough and state level.

We should know by sometime Thursday who the finalists are for the job of Kenai Peninsula Borough School District superintendent.

The board of education is taking a special meeting Thursday morning at 9 to go over the applicants and whittle them down to the ones the board would like to interview. 

The presentations will be behind closed doors in executive session, but the board will adjourn into regular session to announce the finalists. Each one will be offered an in-person interview.

At Monday night's Kenai Peninsula Borough Board of Education meeting Superintendent Sean Dusek tried to make clear that proposed cuts in the governor's education budget would be catastrophic to the district. He suggested the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly should take steps toward helping with the problem.

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District


After four and a half years at the helm of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, Superintendent Sean Dusek has announced his retirement, effective June 30th.

 On this week's edition of Econ 919, we take a look at the effort to fund the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, and as the budget season draws to a close, we find out what a fiscal year is and why we have them.

Facebook screenshot

  As the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District's academic year winds down, it's budget season is heating up. Superintendent Sean Dusek took to Facebook Tuesday night, as he does regularly to field questions about the district, and began with some comments about the district's budget picture.