Tote Road Lakes

Say goodbye to the invasive northern pike that have taken over eight lakes and their connecting streams in the Tote Road area about five miles south of Soldotna. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced this week that it will begin applying the fish-killing pesticide Rotenone in them on Monday (Oct. 8).

In an announcement, the Department notes that Rotenone is safe and cost efficient. In fact, it has been used in numerous lakes around the Central Kenai Peninsula to successfully cleanse them of northern pike.

The comment period for the northern pike eradication plan for the Tote Road lakes area opened Monday.

Interested parties can comment on both the use of the pesticide Rotenone to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, and on the environmental assessment to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Comments can be made to the agencies until May 17th and 18th, respectively.

KDLL spoke with Area Management Biologist Brian Marston in February about this project, which is the last in a series that’s lasted over a decade.

  The last series of lakes in the central peninsula to be treated for invasive northern pike is the subject of a public meeting Thursday night. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will have on hand the project biologist, the area sport fishery manager, and the area research supervisor will be in attendance to answer questions. 

The public meeting will be from 5:30 to 7:30 Thursday evening at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.