Triumvirate Theatre

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Triumvirate Theatre has been without a home since its Nikiski facility burned down this February. 

Now, the operation’s moving to Kenai. The Kenai City Council approved a land donation for the nonprofit this week.

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Triumvirate Theatre might be moving to Kenai. The nonprofit is asking the city for a donation of two acres for a new building after its Nikiski theater burned down this February.

The Kenai City Council isn’t making a final decision on the parcel until next month. But at a meeting Wednesday night, council members were enthusiastic about the donation.

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When Triumvirate Theatre’s main performance space burned to the ground last month, supporters flocked to social media to pledge support. 

When the nonprofit set up a fundraiser through the Alaska Community Foundation, they flocked there, too. Triumvirate Executive Director Joe Rizzo said the response has been overwhelming.

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A fire decimated a beloved community theater in Nikiski this weekend. 

Triumvirate North, the primary theater space for the nonprofit Triumvirate Theatre, burned to the ground early Saturday morning.

No one was hurt but the fire completely razed the space. Investigators are still working out what caused it. But one thing’s for certain: Come time to rebuild, there will be no shortage of helping hands.

Joe Rizzo, executive director of Triumvirate Theatre, and Paul Morin and Rebecca Gilman, director and producer of "Murder in the Cathedral" with the Kenai Performers talk about maintaining community theater amid COVID.

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Longtime Soldotna resident Rosie Reeder died last month following a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. In honor of Reeder, who was fittingly a voracious reader, River City Books is giving away books up to a $10 value to the first 180 kids who come into the bookstore with the code word “Rosie.”

Maria Dixson, who works at River City Books, estimated 70 kids came into the store today.

“I usually come into work at noon and Peggy called me about quarter of 11 and said, ‘Can you please come into work early?’ And I got here and she was buried. It was a very very active day here today," she said.

Debbie Boyle

Fifteen years ago, Joe and Paulene Rizzo and Chris and Carla Jenness toured a vacant room in the Peninsula Center Mall in Soldotna, hoping they could turn it into the new home of their nonprofit community theater organization, Triumvirate Theatre.  

“Because that’s where you go to put a theater, you go to the mal," said Joe Rizzo, speaking at a 15th-anniversary celebration held June 30.

The space was big but not promising. There was stuff hanging from the ceiling. Garbage was piled on the floor. There were no internal walls or anything useful, really. But the price was right, in that it was cheap, though not cheap enough that they could pay the rent just with admissions from shows.

They decided to turn half the space into a used bookstore. And who better to run a bookstore than someone with the last name Reeder. They recruited Rosie Reeder for the job.

“And I said, ‘I don’t know how.’ And they said, ‘We don’t, either, that’s why we’re asking you,’” Reeder said.

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The latest show to hit the stage at Triumvirate Theatre, ‘Singing in the Rain’, isn’t just for entertainment. It’s the latest production for Triumvirate’s Class Act program.