Kenai airport remodel could begin this year

Jun 25, 2018

The Kenai airport is due for a major remodel which could begin this year, if federal funding is made available.

It’s been thirty years since the Kenai airport saw a substantial remodel. But new work is being planned, and if federal funding can be secured, work could begin later this summer. Chris Parker of K and A Design Studios filled in the city council on the scope of the work at its most recent meeting.

“With this project, we’re basically touching every wall and corner in the building. Starting with the roof. Complete re-roof of the building down to the insulation. Upgrades to the sprinkler system. Considerable upgrades to the heating and ventilation system including new control for it.”

Travelers will also find some improvements. There will be all new display boards for flight information and new charging kiosks for personal electronics. The ticket counters will be rearranged to accommodate more office space and new baggage conveyors will be installed. The sidewalks outside will be fully heated and Park says the most noticeable change outside will be a new arrival entry. A lot was factored into the remodel to try and keep it current for at least the next 20 years. One potential development that has not been factored in is the AK LNG project.

“This does not include, for instance, potential impacts from an LNG plant. That’s above and beyond what this project entails.”

He says there will still be room to the west of the airport for future expansion, should it become necessary. A start time depends on when the Federal Aviation Administration makes funding available. It could be as soon as this fall, when FAA’s fiscal calendar turns.

“If we get funding this year, this project would go out to bid in August with construction starting immediately after. If funding is not available this fiscal year, the anticipation is funding would become available early next summer, maybe next spring, in which case the project would be bid about that timeframe.”

Initial estimates put cost of the remodel in the $9-10 million range. Parker says they expect to have a final cost analysis in the next week or two.