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Crime Stoppers looking for tips in dog shooting

Ashley Landess


Peninsula Crime Stoppers is asking for help after a pair of pet deaths recently.

Last month, a dog was shot with a high-powered BB gun in Kenai and later died. Last week, Lizzie, a 14-year old beagle, was shot with a small-caliber rifle in the early evening in her family’s yard off Ciechanski Road. Ashley Landess says she was getting ready for a move to Arizona with Lizzie.

“She was the runt of the litter. On the back of her head, there was this heart-shaped marking. When I was 7, I said, ‘Mom, that’s where her mommy kissed her when she was born.’ And I still have the pictures of me picking her up for the first time and I had to hold her in a towel because she was dirty," Landess said.

Ed Beddow volunteers with Peninsula Crime Stoppers. He’s worried about the fact that acts of animal abuse can sometimes be indicators of future violent behavior.

“The question is, are these two incidents linked together? Are they separate? For me, if somebody can go around and do that, it can escalate. So we have to take it seriously.”

More than $3,000 has been raised as a cash reward for information law enforcement can use for an arrest. In the meantime, Landess says that, while Lizzie can’t really be replaced, she is looking for a new rescue pup. You can call Crime Stoppers with information at 283-TIPS (8477).