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Kenai moves to next phase of airport remodel




An analysis of what’s needed to remodel the Kenai airport is finished and last week, the city council approved spending an extra $268,000 for the design phase.


That money is eligible for reimbursement. City Manager Paul Ostrander told the council the first phase of study uncovered more than had been anticipated.

“What we thought we knew, we really didn’t know very much at the time. Now, after fully analyzing it through this first phase, what you see here in the laydown and also on the list, those are the true identified needs at the airport.

That list includes 25 items, ranging from a new roof to baggage area expansion, new ticket counters and arrival and departure screens, even a dedicated place for traveling pets to do their business after a flight. What won’t get much of an overhaul is the airport’s second story.

“One of the earlier renditions did include a second story over the area where the airport administration offices are. That was one of the things that was considered. Ultimately, it was determined that it wasn’t necessary. As far as making structural changes now in anticipation of that, that’s not something we have discussed as a working group.”

Last summer, the city received a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration for the project. FAA will pick up a lion’s share of the total cost. Ostrander says it will go out to bid and the work will be completed at the same time.

“At this point, the plan is to do one project, include all of these components in that project, and bid and construct it at the same time.”

Total cost for the project is estimated at a shade under $10 million, of which the federal government will pay for a little more than $8 million. The city’s share is about $1.6 million.


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