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Local group gearing up for another summer of local food connections

Kenai Local Food Connection

  Spring is here and the ground is just about ready for planting the season’s crops, which is good, because the old root cellar is probably getting a little bare by now. 

A presentation to the Kenai City Council by the Kenai Local Food Connection’s Alasha Britto at its recent meeting met with a lot of support from council members.

Britto talked about the plans the organization has for the upcoming year.

“We’re a groupof big dreamers and we're doing it again this year. We'd like to see local food in school lunches. We'd like to create a YouTube channel around local food. We'd like to create a local map food map where we can see where farms and all that stuff on the peninsula is, cooking classes to teach about local food,” Brito said. “So we have big dreams.”

She talked about the organization’s local food directory, which she says has grown considerably since it launched. 

“So our first issue was in 2011. And it was a one page just kind of photocopied black and white directory. In 2016, we had a grant to kind of redesign it to make it more interesting, eye catching, easy to read, and easy to display. And we've added sections on wild harvesting local fish and community supported agriculture,” she said. “We distribute these directories far and wide in the community libraries (and) stores. We try to give it as many places as we can.”

Councilman Jim Glendening recalled moving to the Peninsula in 1969 and living on farm land. The Kenai Local Food Connection brought to mind visits by agricultural extension agents.

“They wouldcome around and assist with farming suggestions and what not. I still have the same soils analysis from the from the homesteader from 1955 you know on the piece of land that I have,” Glendening said. “And a lot of what you're talking about manifested itself down at the State Fair in Ninilchik. And I can see that this is this is just taking it way to the next level and it's good to see the young people are getting involved in this.”

Councilman Henry Knackstedt sounded like he was ready to go with this year’s planting.

“I liketo have that security of the food. I've got a cold room full of potatoes. I continue to do that and all the cold crops and all that. I just finished my onions from last year. Carrots through January, February I can't remember,” Knackstedt said. “But anyway I do that and so I really do appreciate that and I think it's something that that you're moving along here and I think that's great.”

You can find out more about the Kenai Local Food Connection and their summer plans online.

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