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Farewells flow as Supt. Dusek attends last meeting

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

  Monday night was the final board meeting for Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Superintendent Sean Dusek. He took a few minutes to thank his wife and kids, as well as the district staff.

“I wanted to make sure that I thanked the people that really got me started in this whole thing Marlene Byerly, Todd Sears and Sylvia Reynolds, Donna Peterson, Sam Stewart an d Steve Atwater,” Dusek said. “They are giants in this peninsula and I am thankful that they were part of my life and helped me become a leader. And I tried to live up to their expectations and sometimes I didn't quite meet them but you know, they were always there to support me.”

He continued, thanking the school board.

“It may have been a little bit of surprisethat I was going to retire. But you have definitely been there and have supported me offered me good guidance. I know sometimes I've not been the most patient person in the world. I attribute that to being an only child and used to get in my way. So, just want to make sure you understood that,” he said. “I very much appreciate your support and asking the tough questions, because that's your job. ask the tough questions, make the tough decisions and then we keep doing what's best for kids.”

And finally, he offered them all some parting advice.

“Keep in mind we have made some significant strides in meeting the individual needs of every child in this district. And it starts with love and positive relationships. And I encourage you to keep the eye on the prize of that,” he said, adding, “That is all I have. Thank you.”

Thank-you's and well-wishes followed, starting with School Board President Penny Vadla.

“I think you'll always be remembered as one of the people in our district who has been a change agent and who has taken bold steps in the the whole path forward with what we've done with our personalized learning with our mindset with what we do and how we do it for our kids. You’ve been a leader, and I've been in this district, and I watched you, or worked with you through much of that time on committees and with other students and with other teachers and with other head office people. And I have not seen you falter from keeping the goal of doing what's best for kids ever,” Vadla said. “And I have always admired that in you and so you need to know that.”

Dusek started with the school district in 1993, when he was hired to teach math at Skyview High, a school that has since closed. He's been superintendent for about five years.

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