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Kenai Council meets new PR firm

Members of the Kenai City Council got to meet its new professional community boosters last night at its regular meeting.
    Coy West of Divining Point, an Austin, Texas, marketing firm told the council the project to market the city is getting underway.
    “So the scope at this point is is I think being thoroughly defined. One of the things that we're looking forward to is really finding those qualities and characteristics about the city of Kenai that make it unique,” he said. “Not only to the Kenai Peninsula, but also Alaska and the greater U.S.”
    West said the goals of the project were straight forward.
    “Our hope is to be able to tell a story about the city of Kenai that not only builds pride in the residents and the citizens of Kenai but also attracts others who may want to do business here in Kenai who may want to relocate or potentially visit the city for vacation,” he said.
    Councilman Robert Peterkin asked if Coy was working with the Kenai Chamber of Commerce on the project. Coy wasn't specific, but said a working relationship was important.
    “So we partnered with the chamber for the Silver Salmon Fishing Derby, the derby. That was a fantastic experience. Considering the role of the chamber and the the mission that they have, it's instrumental that we're involved with the chamber, have a close relationship,” West said. “Obviously if we're looking to try and make Kenai something of a business friendly community, I think it's really important for us to foster great relationship with them.”
    Councilwoman Glenese Petty said the poster for the Kenai Silver Salmon Derby that Divining Point produced was "frame-worthy," and she looked forward to what else the company will do for the city.

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