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Charlissa Magen

DJ - The Sound Hunters

Host of Sound Hunter

Charlissa Magen has lived in Soldotna, Alaska for a while. Having attended many concerts and block parties and listened to radio all her life, she figured why shouldn’t she try her hand at DJ’ing? If you ask Charlissa who her role models in the music industry are, she’ll probably say any artist, group, radio station or DJ that played songs you can dance to, cry to, love to, sing along to and act silly to.
Or she might say the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who some say invented music. As the story goes, he was passing a forge, heard the blow of four hammers making the diapente (fifth), diatessaron (fourth), and octave in the proportions of their sounds. She does love a good beat!
You’re here for one of two reasons: 1, you like the musical tunes she’s been playing and you want to know what might be coming up in the future. Or 2, you want to know what delicious comment(s) she’s made about this cool new gig she’s doing and how the heck she got Eva Knutson to join her. Whatever your muse, you’ve potentially entered a happy, healthy, quirky, sincere, consumer-to-consumer relationship — no fights, no stress or headaches and all pro-choice options.
Turn it off or TURN IT UP and ENJOY! She promises you a journey exploring new and old music, engulfing multitudes of genres and types of music. Charlissa has a passion for music and appreciates there is something for everyone. She tries to focus on the feeling and realness of music and its message. So, “You can get with this or you can get with that.” Either way, it's Sound Hunters time!