Campgrounds and trails reopen in Swan Lake Fire wake

Aug 5, 2019

        Hikers, campers, picnickers and outdoors-people of all stripes can rejoice -- many popular and beloved hiking trails, campgrounds and picnic spots that were closed because of the threat of the Swan Lake Fire, have reopened.

The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge opened up the campgrounds off the Sterling Highway, the Fuller Lakes Trail and the ever-popular Skyline Trail.

Meanwhile, the Chugach National Forest reopened the Resurrection Trail and the accompanying cabins along the way.

As the Swan Lake Fire is not actually out, just contained, Mystery Creek Road is remaining closed, as will the Trapper Joe Cabin and the Big Indian Cabin on the refuge and the West Swan Lake Cabin in the National Forest.

The Swan Lake Fire has not increase in size since July 22, however it is still smoldering in deep duff layers. A skeleton crew of firefighters remain to monitor what's left of the blaze, which scorched over 100,000 acres of tundra and black spruce.