Golf balls rain on golf course neighbor

Aug 27, 2019

Golf balls flying over the Sterling Highway out side of Birch Ridge Golf Course in Soldotna has become a problem for a nearby resident. Robert Pope brought some he’s collected this summer as a visual aid while addressing the city council Thursday night.
“This is just a small collection of balls that I have collected a hundred and 20 feet from the borderline of the Sterling Highway this summer,” he said to the sound of a bucket of them rolling on the table. “I have a lot.”
Pope said he’s had to dodge the golf balls, and some have caused property damage.
“Few days ago one hit my car, (and) I just replaced the door. But my issue is this is a safety problem. You've got golf balls flying across the Sterling Highway. I've even seen them nearly hit cars going down the highway,” Pope said. “You know, I think they need to have a net put up. Because one of these days there's going to be a serious accident caused by one of these golf balls coming across the Sterling Highway hitting somebody's windshield, if they haven't already. This is a serious safety issue.”
Pope told the council that he did not get a welcoming reception when talking with folks at the golf course directly, and he’s not asking the city to pay his bills.
“I don't know what else to say,” he said. “But since they are in the city limits, I think something needs to be done.”
Pope, who’s not a golfer, joked that with all the golf balls he’s collected he might take up the pastime if he had some left-handed clubs.
Vice Mayor Paul Whitney, who was chairing the meeting, told Pope the city manager would look into the issue.