In-house survey results in good feedback at Soldotna City Hall

Jul 17, 2019

        Employees of the City of Soldotna are getting to know each other a little better. Many gathered for a working brunch recently to discuss internal improvements within the city.

City Manager Stephanie Queen talked about it at Thursday’s city council meeting:

“The first time we've ever done that. We had a breakfast. We had almost 60 people here, which is phenomenal. We had almost 60 people fill it out, which is great," she said. "And a lot of people leave a lot of good feedback, which makes it really easy for us then to follow up with and find things that we can be doing to always strive to be better.”

Queen said the early results were such that she’s asked her department heads to  start implementing some of the suggestions.

“I've met individually with department heads to talk about their departments results. And I've asked every department head to commit to at least one thing but many of them will be able to do more than one thing that they can implement in their department based on the feedback they've received,” she said

She said she will call together all employees later this month for further conversation.

“Then later this month we're going to have a meeting that we're inviting all employees to, to participate in to brainstorm and just identify some areas that we might want to focus on for the upcoming year potentially for city wide projects,” she said.

Public Works Director Kyle Kornelis, who is sitting in for Queen this week, said Tuesday the survey resulted in some good feedback. He said that the most important items concerned enhancing communication within and between departments to reduce employee isolation. He stressed that the city is still in the process of compiling responses and making plans.