Minor growth reported on Swan Lake Fire despite rain

Jul 24, 2019

Credit Alaska Division of Forestry

Rain was welcomed by firefighters working the Swan Lake Fire this morning, though in some areas, the blaze actually advanced on Tuesday, specifically in the Thurman and Mystery Creek drainages.

"There's a little bit of fire activity down a mystery Creek. We don't have any crews in there, but we'll keep an eye on that thing. Very minimal growth in there, Thurman Creek, no growth at all at Chickaloon. So they're monitored by air," said Hans Smith, with the operations section team Eastern Area Management Team. "We do have some crews down here on the Upper Jean Lake. They're mopping up and pulling hose today. And then the rest of our folks are down in Addition Kilo which is the Sterling Highway. Not only are they controlling that they're doing a lot of suppression repair. There is a little bit more suppression repair going over on the Resurrection Trail. And that's a lot of work going on fairly minimal fire activity. Things are looking pretty good at this point."

Showers remain in the forecast for today and tonight.