No Emmys For Films On TV If They're Eligible For Oscars

May 7, 2020

Feature films will no longer be able to double dip from both the Oscars and the Emmys, says the Television Academy. In a statement, the academy said it supports a recent decision by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences board of governors. That board decided to relax its rules for the 2021 Oscars in response to movie theaters being closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, this year's feature films that were originally slated for the big screen and are being streamed or available on demand will be eligible for the Oscars. But those same nominees will no longer be considered for the Emmys, according to rules the Television Academy laid out Thursday.

In recent years, the line between film and television has been blurring. Last year, the National Geographic documentary feature Free Solo won an Oscar and two Emmy Awards.

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