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A quiet New England community west of Hartford, Conn. has found itself roped into the impeachment saga with the emergence of an improbable character in the ongoing Ukraine scandal: Robert Hyde.

Hyde is a 40-year-old congressional candidate and former landscaper in Simsbury, Conn., who is known for being brash, foul-mouthed and for hitching his candidacy on his fervent support for President Trump.

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with fashion writer Marjon Carlos about Beyoncé's athletic clothing collaboration, Adidas x IVY PARK.

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Dr. Crystal Aguh, a dermatologist at Johns Hopkins University, about Rep. Ayanna Pressley's recent announcement that she has alopecia.

U.S.- China Trade Deal Implications

5 hours ago

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Mary Lovely, professor of economics at Syracuse University, about the new trade agreement with China.

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