This American Life

Sundays at 6 pm

"This American Life" is an award-winning critically acclaimed weekly program describing and documenting contemporary American life. Each week a theme is chosen, and host Ira Glass and a variety of writers and performers share stories in a range of styles: monologues, documentaries, short radio plays, "found recordings," and original works for radio.

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  • Sunday, June 13, 2021 2:00pm
    Sisters build worlds together, worlds that are just for them. Stories about the bonds between sisters and how they get broken and fixed—or not.
  • Sunday, June 6, 2021 2:00pm
    Remember conventions, before the pandemic? When people with one common interest gather in monstrous, fluorescent-lit halls for the weekend. Sometimes they drive each other crazy, sometimes they fall in love.
  • Sunday, May 30, 2021 2:00pm
    So many of us, we don’t want to think about death. We avoid grieving when we lose someone, distract ourselves, look away. In this episode, at a moment when so many families are mourning, we have stories of people figuring out how they’ll grieve, and doing a pretty good job of it.
  • Sunday, May 23, 2021 2:00pm
    Lissa Yellow Bird searches for missing people. Cold cases, mostly. People no one else is looking for. It’s not her job, but a lot of Native Americans go missing and their cases remain unsolved, so families often ask Lissa for help. But then, Lissa’s own niece goes missing. 
  • Sunday, May 16, 2021 2:00pm
    An ode to life's daily practices, and what you learn from doing a thing every single day.