Kelly Cooper

Cooper files letter of intent for House run

Nov 20, 2019
Kenai Peninsula Borough

Borough Assembly president Kelly Cooper of Homer has filed a letter of intent to run for House District 31. Cooper’s second term on the assembly will be up next October. She is registered as undeclared and has not announced whether she’ll run in the Democratic primary. She spoke with KDLL’s Shaylon Cochran from the Alaska Municipal League Conference in Anchorage about what her time on the assembly can mean in Juneau and the need for better communication at the capitol.

Kenai Peninsula Borough

At Tuesday night’s Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting, new leadership was elected by the body. Both President Wayne Ogle and Vice President Dale Bagley could not run for reelection earlier this month.
    The election of the only woman on the assembly, Kelly Cooper, to be assembly president was done by unanimous consent with no others challenging her. This is Cooper’s second stint as president.

Former human resources director sues Pierce, borough

Jan 25, 2019
Kenai Peninsula Borough


The Kenai Peninsula Borough and Mayor Charlie Pierce have been named in a discrimination lawsuit filed by the borough’s former human resources director.



Borough ends legal battle over invocation policy

Nov 21, 2018


The legal fight about the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s invocation policy is over. The assembly had two questions to answer about it last night.

A few years ago residents of the Kenai Peninsula Borough went to the polls and said they would like to have animal control, which currently is only provided by certain organized cities. The voters also said they wanted it basically for free.

Since that time, animals, mostly dogs, have continued to roam freely in the unincorporated areas of the borough, which occasionally leads to citizens asking the borough assembly to finally do something about it. Last week it was Amanda Berg of Kenai who spoke up during citizen comments.