Rep. Ron Gillham

Sabine Poux/KDLL

Soldotna Republican Rep. Ron Gillham shared a post on his personal Facebook last week that likened those who provide information about COVID-19 vaccines to Nazis who were executed for war crimes after World War II.

Sabine Poux/KDLL

A delayed state budget process could result in temporary layoffs, or “pink slips,” for Alaska's teachers. It’s what happens when the Legislature is behind in its budgeting and school districts can’t guarantee teachers spots on the payroll for the fall.

A bill the House of Representatives passed this week, House Bill 169, would preempt those layoffs, funding public education sooner than the rest of the budget.

Sabine Poux/KDLL

Freshman Republican Rep. Ron Gillham held a town hall in his home district this weekend to catch community members up on what he’s been doing in Juneau.

Before an unmasked crowd at The Catch in Soldotna, Gillham spoke about the new bills he’s brought forward since beginning his term.

“We started out just kind of small," he said.

State of Alaska

Freshman Soldotna Republican Rep. Ron Gillham has introduced a bill to broaden eligibility for free hunting and sport fishing licenses to more veterans and members of the military. 

The state already offers complimentary hunting and fishing licenses for Alaska residents actively serving in the Alaska National Guard and U.S. military reserves, as well as veterans who are at least “50 percent disabled.” Non-residents who are stationed in Alaska also get discounted rates for those licenses.

Gavel Alaska

A quarter way into the legislative session, Alaska House representatives have their committee assignments. That means they can start considering and passing bills next week.

Nikiski Republican Rep. Ben Carpenter is returning to the House Finance Committee. He was on that committee in his first term as representative. It’s scheduled to meet Monday.