August 2017: Kenai Peninsula Beerfest, Oktoberfest, what makes the best fest?

Aug 28, 2017

Credit Courtesy Soldotna Rotary

Join Bill for a taste of the Kenai Peninsula Beer Festival, a look at the Oktoberfest style and thoughts on what makes a good beer festival. 

Breweries/wineries mentioned in this podcast:
Jed Wade, Bearpaw River Brewing Co.

Gene Diamond, Specialty Imports of Alaska

June Gerteisen, Arkos Brewery

Darcy Kniefel, Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

Andy Schaafsma, Kenai River Brewing Co.

Brett Marenco, Girdwood Brewing Co.

Galen Jones, Double Shovel Cider Co.

Kenai Peninsula Brewing and Tasting Society

Don Stead, Grace Ridge Brewing, Inc.

Devin Wagner, 49th State Brewing Co.

Bill Fry, Bear Creek Winery