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A Kasilof man is charged with sending death threats to people in Vermont.

Federal authorities said they arrested 34-year-old Benjamin Tarbell before he was set to fly to Vermont from the Kenai Municipal Airport on Friday afternoon. He faces six felony counts of sending threatening interstate communications.


The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge will welcome a new officer in a couple months. There's only one problem. He still needs a name.

"His name currently is Thomi. But we wanted something, his name to be more meaningful," said Leah Eskelin, visitor services park ranger at the refuge.

We should mention that Thomi is a dog. A 14-month-old Dutch shepherd, previously from Belarus and currently being trained in Michigan. He will be the new K9 unit for refuge law enforcement, allowing the previous refuge K9, Rex, to retire. Rex gets to live the easy life with his handler, Officer Rob Barto, but Barto needs a new partner on the job.

Kenai to use incentives to recruit new officers

Dec 20, 2019


Recruitment and retention is an issue for police departments at all levels, all across the country. The city of Kenai took a step to try and make its department more attractive to potential law enforcement officers with some financial incentives approved by the city council this week.