Paul Ostrander

ECON 919-Marketing the City of Kenai

Jul 22, 2019


Municipalities all over the country go at marketing themselves in different ways. Sometimes it’s in a specific direction, like tourism. Or their efforts are aimed at trying to court new businesses into town. In Kenai, those sorts of questions are just starting to get tossed around.



Kenai Conversation: Paul Ostrander, Kenai City Manager

Jul 11, 2019

The Kenai River's annual dipnet fishery started on Wednesday. On this week's Kenai Conversation, we talk with Kenai city manager Paul Ostrander about the city's role in seeing that things go smoothly for those three weeks and what the city is doing to try and capture a few more of those tourism dollars that can be just as difficult to catch as a net full of reds.

Kenai Conversation: Paul Ostrander, Kenai City Manager

Apr 24, 2019

The city of Kenai will release its draft budget for the next fiscal year in a couple weeks. City manager Paul Ostrander spoke with KDLL’s Shaylon Cochran about putting together a new budget amid all the uncertainty with the state budget. Last year’s general fund appropriations totaled a little more than $16 million with all expenditures coming in at just over $28 million and Ostrander expects a modest increase in the 2020 budget of less than one percent.

Borough cities request new voice on gas project board

Dec 18, 2018
Alaska Gasline Development Corporation


It’s been two years since the Municipal Advisory Gas Project Review Board met. The group was formed in 2014 by former Governor Sean Parnell to give cities along the planned 800-mile route of the AK LNG line a voice in how the project is developed. And now, with a new administration in Juneau and a busy 2019 planned for the gas project, the group could be getting back together, and potentially with a new member.

Airport terminal remodel has begun

Oct 23, 2018

Remodeling at the Kenai Municipal Airport terminal has begun. City Manager Paul Ostrander informed the city council of that at last week’s meeting.

“Construction did begin last week. However, there’s only going to be a small amount of work done before winter comes,” he said. “And the real work won’t begin until late-winter, early spring, probably April May. So there’ll probably not be a lot to see until we get into spring of next year.”