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Kenai Conversation: Mariculture money

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This week, we’re joined by Haley Terpenny, Grant Technician with the Build Back Better mariculture cluster, Tim Dillon, executive director of the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (KPEDD), and Caitlin Coreson, Programs Director at KPEDD.

We’re talking about mariculture, the farming of seaweed and shellfish. Back in September, a coalition of organizations around the state won a $49 million grant related to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to fund mariculture projects in the state.

On this episode of the Kenai Conversation, we’re talking with the folks behind that grant about what the rollout of mariculture money in the state has looked like so far, and will look like in the future.

Riley Board is a Report For America reporter covering rural communities on the central Kenai Peninsula for KDLL.
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