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Growing A Greener Kenai
11 a.m. to noon the third Saturday of the month, October-April; 11 a.m. to noon the first and third Saturdays of the months May-September

Get your garden growing with Larry Opperman, master gardener with the Central Peninsula Garden Club. The central Kenai Peninsula has its own strengths and challenges when it comes to producing your own food and flowers and we're here to help you have a bountiful growing season. If Larry can't answer your questions, he'll bring on guests who can. Call in during the show with questions, 907-283-8414, or email Larry at any time at

  • Soil testing, amendments and controlling temperatures — we're down and dirty on May 21's Growing A Greener Kenai. Plus, tips on moving plants out into the garden and how to not die on your potato hill (hint: plant smarter, not deeper).
  • Get your green thumbs ready for the season with host Larry Opperman, of the Central Peninsula Garden Club, and guest Heidi Rader, with the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service. The CES has a bounty of information, programs and services for gardeners of all skill levels. Harvest their fruitful knowledge, free for the picking!
  • On April's Growing A Greener Kenai, start showing some love to your plant starts — when to move up to bigger pots, how much to water and when to think about moving outside. Plus, spring garden bed prep, planting schedules, Brussels sprouts SOS and much more.
  • Think spring on the March 2022 episode of Growing a Greener Kenai with Larry Opperman of the Central Peninsula Garden Club.