Kenai Art Center

Sabine Poux/KDLL

The Kenai Art Center is calling all pandemic painters and potters and photographers for its October show.

“We’re not turning anybody away," said Alex Rydlinski, executive director of the Kenai Art Center. “Because the idea is —  we’re pretty sure that people have been working on art all this time during the pandemic. And we want to see what they’ve been doing.”

Sabine Poux/KDLL

Alex Rydlinski isn’t just interested in the pretty parts of reindeer farming.

When the Kenai painter decided to shadow and paint Fairbanks reindeer farmer George Aguiar, he wanted to capture all sides of his process.

And that’s what he did, in a series of eight oil paintings and eight etchings of Aguiar and his herd. The exhibit, called “The Reindeer Man,” is on display at Kenai Art Center through the month of September.

The Kenai Art Center was closed for about a year when the pandemic broke out, leaving local artists with yet another loss in gallery space. This July, the center in Old Town Kenai reopened to the public, kicking off with a massive pottery show and renovations complete.

Kenai Art Center Executive Director Alex Rydlinski, board president Marion Nelson and Kenai Potters Guild President Debbie Adamson joined the Kenai Conversation to talk about the new show, the reopening of the building and the new name of the Kenai Art Center (formerly the Kenai Fine Art Center).