City of Soldotna


This week, the city of Soldotna will hold a special election for mayor on December 17th. The election comes a little more than three months after the unexpected death of former mayor Dr. Nels Anderson. Two candidates are in the race, former mayor Pete Sprague and Charlene Tautfest. They took on a range of local economic questions at a forum this week sponsored by the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce. 



City of Soldotna

The Soldotna Airport closed its paved runway Thursday for survey and geotechnical work to take a look at ground and subsurface conditions in advance of a project this summer. The gravel strip was open for traffic.

City engineer and airport manager, Kyle Kornelis, says the project will take out a hump in the runway that's pronounced enough to maybe run afoul of FAA requirements for visibility.

The Soldotna City Council voted Wednesday night to join an inter-governmental alliance formed to create a streamlined, statewide process in collecting sales tax on internet purchases. Until now, cities and boroughs in the state were on their own in trying to track down all the tax owed locally by online sellers out of state.
    Councilman Dave Carey said he was supporting it to ensure Soldotna got its fair share.

The Soldotna city council strengthened rules for animal care inside city limits at its meeting last week.

City of Soldotna


The Soldotna city council will vote on a resolution this week to award a design contract for improvements at the city airport.