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Feast your eyes on edible flowers

Sergio Mendoza Hochmann
Getty Images
Marigolds are one of many edible flower options.

Supplement your veggie garden with flowers that are fun for the eyes and the dinner table.

seed germination.jpeg
Larry Opperman
Cardboard makes a great medium for germinating seeds.

On this month's Growing A Greener Kenai, dig into gardening classes and educational opportunities. Larry has a bouquet of edible flower suggestions to supplement your veggie garden. And tips for germinating seeds.

Reminder: Growing a Greener Kenai airs at 11 a.m. the first Saturday of the month in the winter, returning to the first and third Saturday of the month in May. And Larry's still here the third Saturday of the month, exploring Movie Classics with co-host David Rigall.

And check out the Central Peninsula Garden Club's winter programs here.

Larry started gardening in first grade when he took a bag of navy beans from the kitchen and threw them all over his backyard. They grew and his dad mowed around all the plants and he got a great bean harvest that year. From then on, he was hooked. Larry has gardened for over 60 years and the last 30 years in Alaska. He is on the Central Peninsula Garden Club board of directors and also the board of the Kenai Soil & Water Conservation District. His goal for Growing a Greener Kenai is to disseminate the most accurate information possible in order to help Kenai Peninsula gardeners achieve the best results for their gardening endeavors and efforts.
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