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Carrots 101

University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service

Did you know the old saw about carrots being good for eyesight is a myth from World War II? Learn about that and anything else you'd ever want to know about growing carrots in this week's Growing A Greener Kenai. Plus, soil prep for planting berry bushes and keeping an eye out for seed potatoes.

Larry started gardening in first grade when he took a bag of navy beans from the kitchen and threw them all over his backyard. They grew and his dad mowed around all the plants and he got a great bean harvest that year. From then on, he was hooked. Larry has gardened for over 60 years and the last 30 years in Alaska. He is on the Central Peninsula Garden Club board of directors and also the board of the Kenai Soil & Water Conservation District. His goal for Growing a Greener Kenai is to disseminate the most accurate information possible in order to help Kenai Peninsula gardeners achieve the best results for their gardening endeavors and efforts.
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